RFID Field Scanner v7

The Field-Mapper is a worldwide battery free UHF RFID power meter for Gen 2 RFID Systems.
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The Field-Mapper is a worldwide battery free UHF RFID power meter for Gen 2 RFID Systems. This can be used to check for low power areas or dead spots across an RFID tracking point. It's an essential tool for setting up robust RFID tracking points for applications like sports events where vehicles, metal barriers, buildings, cables, people, drones and other RF power sources may be present


  • No Battery – It uses the RF power
  • Pocket sized and hand held
  • 7dB attenuation switch for antenna testing
  • Wide frequency range
  • Works with all Gen2 UHF RFID Readers

What it can do

  • Shows nulls and dead spots in the RF signal.
  • Detects which antenna is transmitting.
  • Shows approximate Radiated Power. EiRP or ERP
  • dB scale for comparison power measurements.
  • Accurately maps the RFID field 15+ meters range. (30 Feet+)
  • Tests polarization of antennas; linear, circular and cross polarized.
  • Ideal for beam angle measurements and antenna direction setup.
  • Pulses to show notify time and other transmit interruptions.
  • Oscilloscope output to show modulation or for Data logging the signal strength
  • Detects cable faults and bad connections easily
  • Excellent installation, research and teaching tool
  • It can be mounted permanently in the RF field to monitor or data log the RF power.


  • Frequency range 850MHz to 940 MHz Europe, USA and Fare East frequencies.
  • Tested with Dipole, linear, circular patch and cross polarized antennas.
  • Tested for use to EN302 208, 866 MHz EU standard.
  • Tested for use with 915MHz US FCC approved RFID readers.
  • Tested for use at 922.5MHz China.
  • The Battery life is Infinite. (It runs on harvested RF power)
  • CE marked and conforms to all known radio standards.
  • The Power-Mapper contains no banned substances, RoHs compliant.
  • The Power-Mapper does not transmit or radiate any RF signals.
  • Height 109mm, Width 70mm, Depth 41mm.
  • The antenna is hand tuned to 908MHz center frequency.
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