Tattoo 100 hour Timing Tag Strap

Robust disposable Tyveck strap for the HuTag XC-1
£0.10 excl tax

Having worn one of these straps with a HuTag on his ankle in absolute comfort our managing director has renamed this the Tattoo 100 hour timing tag strap. He said he had to keep checking it was still there as it felt so comfortable.


Robust disposable Tyveck strap for the HuTag XC-1:

  • Tyveck tear proof waterproof paper
  • Never fail application - once correctly attached absolutely won't come off until cut away
  • 24mm * 320mm so longer than other competitor products to cope with larger ankles.
  • Strong waterproof adhesive tough enough to survive even the toughest human tagging challenges
  • Clear foolproof instructions in four languages.
  • Cool clear branding



  • Produce your own design
  • Any colour, any logo
  • Any instructions
  • Ask about minimum order quantities for custom logos/colours and branding
  • Lead time for custom orders is 4 weeks


NOTE: Some photographs show the strap with Tags. The price here is for the STRAP ONLY

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