Case Study - Wattisham Sprint Triathlon 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Timer: Sports Timing Solutions
Hardware: Pro Sports Timing System
Event: Wattisham Sprint Triathlon 2014
Date: 14-June-2014
Location: Wattisham Station, Wattisham, United Kingdom


A busy weekend for Sports Timing Solutions using HuTags with the Pro Sports Timing System at back to back events on Sat 14th June and Sun 15th June (2014).


Mark Henderson of Sports Timing Solutions reported back that overall he could not be happier. The tags worked perfectly well and provided much better results than he had with his IPICO multisport tags.


Background to the event


This is a pool based sprint triathlon hosted by Wattisham Station, with all profits going to Wattisham SSAFA Forces Help, targeted towards first time triathletes and more experienced sprinters.



Timing: Event Analysis


Sports Timing Solutions used their Pro Sports Timing Systems, kit list below, throughout this event.


Kit List

  • Equipment Used - Pro 4000 and Pro 8000 UHF Timing Systems
  • Antennas Used - IMPINJ Threshold Antennas and side-positioned Patch Antennas


Timing System Setup

Simple setup due to the nature of the transition are only Swim - Bike - Run Time. Mat locations and type:

  • Bike Out - 2 x 3 rows of IMPINJ Antennas
  • Run Out - 2 x 3 rows of IMPINJ Antennas
  • Finish Line - 2 x Patch Antennas facing each other



Timing Team: Sports Timing Solutions


Sports Timing Solutions are a company who specialise in sports timing within the UK. They time a variety of mass participation events ranging from 10k Running Events, Marathon Events, Triathlon Events and Cycling Events. All where accurate times and fast results are needed. These are displayed live at the events and are also available online using a wide array of media solutions including Facebook and Twitter.



Timing System


The Pro Timing System is a UHF based timing system created by Sports Timing Systems themselves. It utilises good quality, solid Impinj components to provide 8 and 4 port options that can be applied to floor mats, vertical patch antennas or a combination of the two. It's a good, solid, portable timing system



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