Case Study - ViviCittà 10k Italy

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Summary Timer: Abruzzo Gare
Hardware: IDChronos from IDEST
Event: ViviCittà 10k Italy
Date: 06-Apr-2014
Location: Pescara, Italy


HuTag XC-1 tags were issued to 1000 athletes participating in the Pescara leg of the ViviCittà 10k. These tags were attached to the athletes shoes and read using IDChronos timing system operated by Abruzzo Gare. The results were perfect with all parties providing very positive feedback about comfort, performance and reliability. The event was an excellent demonstration of the compatibility of the HuTag XC-1 with the IDChronos timing system.


Background to the Event

The ViviCittà Event is one of the most important races organized by the Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (UISP). It’s organized simultaneously in more than 20 towns in Italy on the same day every year.

In 2014 more than 70,000 runners participated in this event all over Italy. This was its 33rd year. It is a highly professional and well-organized event that combines more than 1,200 professional and amateur group races.


Timing: Event Analysis

All athletes wore their HuTag XC-1 tag on their shoe tied through their laces. This is interesting as it is not how the HuTag XC-1 was intended to be used. However the results were perfect.

The event started on the main Pescara Piazza della Rinascita, from a gun start.


IDChronos low profile mats and side antennas were used at the finish line to capture finish times. These mats are extremely low profile so offer no tripping hazard yet provide excellent performance and accuracy. The specification states that the ID Chronos timing system is capable of accurate positioning information despite multiple athletes arriving at the finish line together. In this manner the exact ranking is created with a precision of tenth of second.



Timing Team: Abruzzo Gare

Abruzzo Gare is leader in the sport events timing in Abruzzo, and has provided timing services to the UISP for many years. In 2013 Mr. Di Crescenzo chose to improve barcode based timing system he previously used and selected the IDChonos passive UHF timing system developed by IDEST.



Timing System: IDChronos, Italy

The IDChronos system is a modular RFID UHF system neatly housed in a portable tough case. It can be connected to vertical patch antennas or low profile mats. This makes it an ideal system for timing a wide range of sports events including running, cycling, off-road MTB, skiing and skating.

The IDChronos system includes state of the art software to provide athlete and timing management services.

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