Case Study - Slateman Triathlon 2014 with Chronotrack

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Timer: TDL Event Services
Hardware: Chronotrack
Event: Snowdonia Slateman 2014
Date: 18-May-2014
Location: Llanberis, Snowdonia, Wales


This event marked a first full blown implementation of HuTags with Chronotrack hardware at a top level Triathlon in the world. TDL used around 2500 tags in the two days of this epic event to provide perfect results in real time.


Background to the event

The Snowdonia Slateman is rapidly becoming THE early race to take on as part of the UKs Triathlon season with British athletes travelling for over 7 hours to take part.


It features one of the most scenic courses in the world having with breathtaking views of the peaks of Snowdonia throughout. Welsh hospitality and excellent event management ensured the 2014 event went off without a hitch and further added to the event's outstanding reputation.



Timing: Event Analysis

TDL used Chronotrack timing equipment throughout. This along with good solid athlete information ensured tags were read everywhere they should have been read with no cross-talk between timing points at all.



Two pairs of antenna arrays were used for paranoias sake to read the tags at the Swim exit. Each array consisted of:

  • Two rows of threshold mat antennas
  • One Flashpoint antenna


Swim Exit


View the YouTube clips here to see this timing point in action


First swimmers


 Chris from TDL showing here the relief any sane timer feels when the first athlete, particularly a swimmer, is accuratey read.


The rest of the first wave


Bike In-Out

At the bike in-out the timing point was formed from just 2 rows of Chronotrack mat antennas and a single reader. No Flashpoints were used here as it was felt that they would read tags on athletes not currently participating. Such is the range of these readers when combined with HuTags.


Bike In-Out



Finish Line

Similar to the Bike in-out timing point the finish line featured just two rows of mats and no Flashpoints. The image below shows the winner crossing the line after a run so grueling he even admitted to walking some of the "ups" with the second finisher

Swim Exit


Timing System

A combination of Chronotrack mat antennas and Flashpoints were used throughout along with a combination of Chronotrack readers. Flashpoint is the name of the latest phased array antenna designed by Chronotrack. It provides solid, long range, tag read performance and can be used with or without Chronotrack famous mats.


Note: TDL are permitted to use HuTag XC-1 tags despite being sanctioned as official Chronotrack tags at the time of this event.



Timing Team: TDL Event Services

TDL Event Services time some of the largest events in theUK and Ireland. They were the first Chronotrack timer in the UK and have a wealth of experience behind them. Their timing implementations are extremely well thought out and include not just good solid networking and hardware best practices but also solid athlete information.

HuTag XC-1, like all UHF tags, must be used as directed. When timing swimming events that permit the use of wetsuits, that HuTag XC-1 should ideally be:

  • Worn on the same leg for all athletes - generally left is best as it also then avoids chain-tangle.
  • Below the wetsuit line - the tag will read through the suit but this way it will never be restricted by a leg full of "water"
  • Not covered by wetsuit boots - same applies for boots as suits. "Water" covered tags don't read as well.
  • Attached via the strap with the strap running around the back of the tag

The YouTube clips of the Swim Exit above include some athletes who've completely ignored instructions and either worn the tag on the wrong leg or worn it under their suit or boots. With sound switched on you can hear these tags are still beeping (reading). 

Timing at this race was a credit to TDL who performed extremely well and offer a good range of results services including Live Results and finish line-results enquiry.


Hardware: Chronotrack

Chronotrack are one of the largest timing hardware manufacturers in the world today. They're the inventors of the D-Tag and are generally regarded as being responsible for the explosion of UHF as a timing technology. Their systems are sold worldwide and used at all levels of event timing from simple club runs to very high profile events such as the New York Marathon.



More photography is available online in our own HuTag Flickr archive and courtesy of the event photographers

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