Case Study - Rock Oil Hare & Hounds at Shuckburgh Hall Motor Cross Enduro

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Summary Timer: No Aggro
Hardware: LapTrackerPro
Event: Rock Oil Hare & Hounds at Shuckburgh Hall Motor Cross Enduro
Date: 13-Apr-2014
Location: Shuckburgh Hall, United Kingdom


HuTag XC-1 was used to great effect to time this amazing (Motorcycle) Enduro event. Its robust construction and long read range ensured every split was captured perfectly.


Background to the Event

The AMCA Rock Oil Hair and Hounds is an impressive sight. It takes place at the superb Shuckburgh Hall and involves over 150 motor bikes tearing round the grounds of this beautiful estate.

HuTag XC-1 tags were selected for their endurance, specifically ability to stand up to mud and impact as the riders really get stuck into the course.


Timing: Event Analysis

Each motorbike taking part had a HuTag XC-1 tag attached to the top of their forks just beside the race number. The tags were physically secured in place with cable ties. This is an interesting departure from our vision for the HuTag which we’d built to be an on skin tag for tracking people. But it’s low cost, high performance and robust construction make it ideal for all manner of situations including motor cross enduro racing.

The Tags were read using four Times7 antennas at each timing point driven by Impinj Speedway 420 readers. All of this was coupled up, via the onsite network, to NoAggro’s own LapTrackerPro race scoring software to produce perfect real time results.



Timing Team: NoAggro

NoAggro have been developing and operating timing systems in the Enduro racing arena for many years and provide excellent cutting edge timing solutions as well as timing implementations at these spectacularly challenging events. With the volume of mud, never mind the abuse the riders give the system, is testament to how robust and high end their timing system is.



Timing System: LapTrackerPro, UK

The LapTrackerPro system has been designed around Impinj 420 Speedway readers and Times7 antennas. Outstanding components that have been coupled together to provide an excellent system for timing all kinds of sporting events including multisport (triathlon, duathlons), running, cycling and of course motorcross.

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