Case Study - Portsea Swim 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Summary Timer: Event Timing
Hardware: RaceResult UHF Timing System
Event: Portsea Open Water Swim 2014
Date: 25-Jan-2014
Location: Portsea, Australia


The HuTag XC-1 was used throughout all races at this event. This was the first outing for the HuTag for Aaron Clarke of Event Timing Australia. He reported 100% reads and described the HuTag XC-1 as an excellent piece of kit perfectly matched to the robust German RaceResult hardware.


Background to the Event

Portea Swim is a long standing open water swim from the cool location that is Portsea Beach


Timing: Event Analysis

Event Timing operated a simple line of RaceResult mats on the beach to check athletes in and out of the water. A mix of wetsuit and non-wesuit swimmers took part. All tags were worn on the ankle attached with simple neoprene-velcro straps.

Reading through the swimmer's wetsuits was no problem.



Timing Team: Event Timing

Event Timing is based in Melbourne and is one of Australia's longest running event timing companies. They are also the RaceResult representative in Australia.



Timing System

Event Timing are the RaceResult representative in Australia. The RaceResult system is a custom made UHF timing unit that's been built with portability in mind. Being German it's extremely well thought out and combines an efficient low-footprint design with highly robust qualities. RaceResult offer hire services and are confident enough in these units to simple ship them out to Event managers using standard courier services.



Hardware: RaceResult

German based RaceResult are a highly innovative company offering complete timing hardware packages that include Bib numbers and pre-printed and programmed tags all ready to use. Their systems link up to a very powerful web based results engine which is at the core of their timing system. In this way all RaceResult results are live-to-web by default. Where no internet connectivity is available their system can run in a disconnected, local client.


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