Case Study - Big Sky Duathlon 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Timer: Racing Underground
Hardware: RFID Race Timing Systems Ultra
Event: Big Sky Duathlon 2014
Date: 13-Apr-2014
Location: Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, Colorado USA


This event faced terrible weather conditions including 28-35 degrees Fahrenheit, sideways rain & sleet, excessive surface water throughout the entire day. HuTag XC-1 tags combined with RFID Race Timing Systems equipment was used to excellent effect recoding 100% tag reads


Background to the Event

The Big Sky Duathlon is an early season race hosted by Racing Underground and usually fields up to 500 athletes. However adverse weather conditions reduced the field to only the hard and hardy.


Timing: Event Analysis

Patch Antennas were used at each of the six checkpoints. Racing Underground's Damien Eisman prefers two pairs of antennas at each checkpoint with each pair facing each other, 3 meters separating the each pair antennas. This configuration provides a comfortable level of redundancy. This setup is therefore used at all checkpoints, with the exception of the less important announcer point, which uses just one pair.


Summary Statistics

Possible reads 784
Total reads 784
Missed reads 0


The event started with a single wave of all athletes, each wearing their HuTag XC-1 on a neoprene strap mounted on their left ankle.


Timing System

The RFID Race Timing Ultra System throughout. Patch antennas were used to collect the chip times from HuTag XC-1 RFID tags. The tags were read horizontally from the side of the various stages of race course.



Hardware: RFID Race Timing Systems

RFID Race Timing Systems have been manufacturing RFID based timing systems since 1996. Owned and operated by Andrew Peterson they are based in Western Australia and sell systems worldwide.


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